Commissions & Delegates

Aside from our vestry, which is elected at the Annual Meeting, our committees are self selected. We do not outsource this website, so we always need people who can write, post, and design our communiques. The design of our worship develops in a fluid process within the Worship Commission, which comprises musicians, ushers, members of the altar guild, readers, liturgists, and clergy. So if you might be interested in donating your time and expertise to further our missions, please examine this list of our committees’ goals, visit their links, and then contact a committee chairperson or check out our other volunteer opportunities.

Building Commission

  • to develop a master plan to provide Emmanuel with an overall vision and strategy for existing building use and long-term renovations
  • to make optimum use of space for the various ministries and activities within our building (space)

Chair: Michael Scanlon

Care Commission

  • to provide (in consultation with the Rector) pastoral care for parishioners who are hospitalized, shut-in, or need of care.

Co-chairs: Pauline Ratta & Walter Jonas

Communications Commission

  • to develop and maintain our website
  • to develop web-based means of communication within the parish and beyond

Chair: Matthew Griffing


  • Diocesan Convention:  Jim Olesen & Matt Griffing, Paddy Cavanaugh (alternate)
  • Boston Harbor Deanery:  James Bradley & Walter Jonas
  • Episcopal City Mission:  Joy Howard & Michael Scanlon
  • Episcopal Relief & Development:  Peggy Bradley

Finance Commission

  • to advise our rector on financial matters
  • to review budgetary progress and the status of our investments
  • to follow capital projects
  • to track pledges and other forms of support

Chair:  Jim Bartlett

Green Team

  • to maintain and enhance our garden

Chair: vacant   Please contact our rector if you are interested in this mission.

History & Archives Commission

  • to discover, preserve and publish the many threads of Emmanuel’s unique history

Chair: Mary Chitty

Hospitality Commission

  • to organize coffee hour and parish social events
  • to provide a welcoming and open heart to all visitors to Emmanuel
  • to acquaint visitors with the mission and ministry of Emmanuel

Chair: Peggy Bradley

Stewardship Committee

  • to encourage those who find a home at Emmanuel, for however long a period of time, to feel a call to stewardship through making a gift of time, talent or money
  • to prepare for and implement periodic capital fundraisings, both general and focused
  • to develop a roster of skills and talents of Emmanuelites who can only give a few hours of time

Chair: Tom Barber


  • to provide the necessary things for the celebration of public worship
  • to direct the officers, supervise the commissions, and appoint representatives to diocesan committees and other organizations
  • to manage the prudential affairs and to care for the property of the Parish

Worship Commission

  • to organize (in consultation with the Rector and Altar Guild) worship services including holiday and special services
  • to train and schedule readers, servers, and Lay Eucharistic Ministers
  • to set up and take down the altar for worship services; to take care of the linens and silver and other items used in worship; to work with the Sacristan to decorate the worship space
  • to tend to the liturgical vestments and to work with the Altar Guild to decorate the worship space; to assist couples in preparing the chapel or church for the celebration of their weddings
  • to welcome and to assist participants and visitors in worship services, seeing that they have appropriate service materials and other help as necessary

Commission co-chairs: Jane Redmont & Garrett Garbocauskas
Altar Guild co-chairs:  Susan Entin & Paddy Cavanaugh