Communications Commission


  • Jaime Bonney advises us on technology and various issues.
  • Mary Chitty manages our site map and Google Analytics data.
  • Maureen Driscoll is a new member with Javascript skills.
  • Garrett Garborcauskas manages our Twitter feed.
  • Matthew Griffing is our webmaster and Commission chair.
  • Joy Howard writes for our website and posts to our FaceBook page.
  • Susan Kieffer updates our homepage weekly.
  • Rebecca Lightfoot posts sermon summaries to FaceBook.
  • Amanda March, ex officio, creates This Week at Emmanuel.
  • Eileen Moyer posts our sermons in text and audio.
  • Elizabeth Richardson manages our Facebook page, Emmanuel Events Calendar, and Google Sites.
  • Michael Scanlon designs posters and other images and advises us on design issues.

We could use help tagging sermons and other material on our website, tweeting, posting to Facebook, writing, and maintaining our communication channels.  Please contact a Commission member if you would like to join us.

Policy on Photography & Social Media

Communicating through social media helps our efforts to build community and expand our reach to people who are new to Emmanuel, as well as to Emmanuelites around the world. Volunteers help spread the Word by taking photos before, during and after services, posting and sharing online. We value the sanctity of our worship and aim to strike a balance between sharing life at Emmanuel and creating a sacred space for all, filled with wonder, love, thanksgiving and praise. No one will be tagged or identified by name in a photo without their permission and other privacy wishes will be respected on request. If you are interested in helping in these efforts or have concerns please see a vestry member after the service.                           –Approved by our Vestry in 2016

Our 2016 Report

For our complete report with Google Analytics data and our goals for 2017, please see our section of the Annual Report.

The digital communications of Emmanuel continued to improve in 2016. Our newsletter was enhanced. Our Facebook page increased its following to 525 likes and registered over 32,000 clicks on its top 20 posts alone. We met most of our goals for updating and improving our website, which saw an uptick in visits to its sermons and space rental/use sections. The Commission was especially pleased to welcome new members Jaime Bonney, Kathryn Collins, Maureen Driscoll, and Garrett Garborcauskas. Please contact Matt Griffing or Elizabeth Richardson if you have any suggestions or would like to join us.

This Week at Emmanuel

Amanda March redesigned our weekly online newsletter with colorful borders and more images. The rate at which recipients open the email is already up by 6%. We link to it from our homepage every week, thanks to Commission member Susan Kieffer. If you would like to receive it via email, please notify

Social Media

Our vestry developed a policy on Photography & Social Media, which is printed in the weekly announcements, in This Week at Emmanuel , and on our Commission page:

Commission member Garrett Garborcauskas shepherds our developing Twitter channel:, which also links to our webpages. Our total number of tweets has topped 100. Among other things, we contributed to the AdventWord feed of the Society for St. John the Evangelists. We follow 33 pages, liked 26, and are followed by 36 organizations or people. We hope parishioners will browse our page, follow us if they have an account, and contact Garrett if they would tweet for us.

Our Facebook following grew in 1916 from 421 to 525 ‘likes’. We posted 172 times, linked to our website at least 16 times, and added hundreds of images with captions that document our services, parish life, and concerns. More than 20 of our posts reached over 1000 people each with a total of 32,376 clicks on images and 1643 responses (shares, links or comments). Thanks to all who have shared our posts and to Julian Bullitt, Joy Howard, Pavel Hradecky, Meg Joyce, Rebecca Lightcap, and Jane Redmont for contributing text and images. Thanks to those who graciously agreed to be photographed and to the congregation for its forbearance with photography during our services. Our Facebook page is linked from our website and requires no account to browse it:


We’ve noted increases in traffic of visitors to some key areas of our site, but acknowledge that visitation in general was down. We met most of our goals for updating the site, adding content, and continuing to improve our processes. We would like to highlight the accomplishment of adding an audio sermon each month to the sermons section, as well as surpassing our goals for links back to the site from social media.