Emmanuel Music

Since 1970, the Orchestra and Chorus of Emmanuel Music have offered Bach cantatas during our Sunday services, from mid-September through mid-May. The placement of the cantata after the distribution of communion provides the congregation an extended time of meditation for integration of the elements of the service, so that we are better prepared to be of service in the wider world during the coming week.

  • Please check Emmanuel Music’s schedule of this season’s musical offerings with translations by Pamela Dellal and notes by our music directors.
  • Listen to Bach Christmas Cantatas directed by Emmanuel Music’s founder, Craig Smith.
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    • What is a cantata?  Pamela Dellal’s FAQ about Bach’s development of the cantata and explanation of terms like motet, chorale, and recitative.
    • Their website for concert announcements, musician biographies, recordings, and more.

In the video below, listen to conductor Simon Halsey’s 2011 interview with renowned director Peter Sellars, who staged several Mozart operas with Emmanuel Music in the 1980s. Starting just after the one-minute mark, he describes our unique ministry of Bach cantatas offered in the same building that houses a women’s shelter, a suicide-prevention center, more than a dozen 12-step programs, and other programs for people living in the margins of society. Sellars is speaking of his own introduction to Bach at Emmanuel Church, but his description of the communities served by Emmanuel – and the ways Bach’s music reflects the challenges of life – has been true since the church’s founding in 1860.