History of Our Building

Please click on the part then its image to download PDFs of the 2017 edition of Our Building History.

  • Part 1: Floor Plan, Timeline, History & Geology, Stained Glass
    • Architects & Artists: John Ninian Comper; Charles Connick; Frederic Crowninshield; Harry Eldredge Goodhue; Heaton, Butler & Bayne; Charles Eamer Kempe; Howard Lord, Louis Comfort Tiffany;  Samuel West & Henry Wynd Young
    • Memorials to:  Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch, Marian Burnham, Caroline Marie Crowninshield Arnold, Jonathan French, John Davis Williams French, Charles Walter Gould, Frederick Augustus Gould, Alexander Viets Griswold, George Hawley, Amos Lawrence, Sarah Field Lawrence, George Augustus Meyer, Eliza Rand, Andrew Robeson, Mary Allen Robeson, Eben Caldwell Stanwood, Cranmore Nesmith Wallace, Anna Saltonstall Merrill Ward, Frederick Warren 
  • Part 2,

    • Architects & Artists:  Francis Richmond Allen, Silas Reed Anthony, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Charles Collins, Alexander Rice Estey, John Evans, Bela Lyon Pratt, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Domingo Mora, Henry Vaughan & Simon Verity
    • Furnishings &  Memorials to: Ruth Allen, Silas Reed Anthony, Caroline Marie Crowninshield Arnold, Courtenay Baylor, Randolph Marshall Clark, Margaret Young Emmons, Lynnwood Farnum, Jonathan French, John Davis Williams French, Robert Osmond Gott, James Haynes, George Hawley, Richard Manning Hodges, Frederic Dan Huntington, Alvin L. Kershaw, Doris Elnora Bridges Kershaw, Emma Gildersleeve Lane, Ruth Humphrey Moulton, Charles Redington Mudge, Enoch Reddington Mudge,  Hugh Walker Ogden, Leighton Parks, Margarita Alden Parks, Henry Parker Quincy, Benjamin Tyler Reed, Alexander Hamilton Rice, Thomas Lambard Robinson, Frank Rose, Annie Bigelow Lawrence Rotch, Arthur Rotch, Benjamin Smith Rotch, Edith Rotch, Andrew Robeson Sargent, Charles Sprague Sargent, Mary Allen Robeson Sargent, Winthrop Sargent, Knyvet Winthrop Sears, Richard Warren Sears, Edward Osgood Seccomb, Mary Peabody Sears Shaw, Albert Snow, Martha Parsons Stackpole, Stephen Van Rensselaer Thayer, Sarah Sprague Upham, Alexander Hamilton Vinton, Cranmore Nesmith Wallace, Caroline Elizabeth Ward, Elizabeth Waters, Andrew Gray Weeks, Kenneth Weeks, Albert Rufus Whittier Jr., Elwood Worcester & Mrs. William Bacon Young.
  • Part 3:  Lists & Indices

See also these highlights of our building’s history: