Stewardship 2018

We are a small but mighty congregation of seekers and skeptics, heirs to traditions of beauty, justice, and compassion. We are artists, healthcare workers, musicians, teachers, writers, graduate students, and retirees, each doing our part with our various gifts.

Every year we begin at zero for our staff salaries and program expenses.

We have only our full-time rector, a parish administrator, a half-time music director (Emmanuel Music, Inc. covers the other half of his salary), a part-time organist and chapel-choir director, and even more part-time sextons, wedding coordinator, and financial controller.

Our building and facilities costs are paid for by gifts from our mission partners and events fees.

Our diocesan assessment to support the wider life of the Episcopal Church is paid for by income from a small endowment designated for this purpose and prudently administered.

Our recent capital improvements to the north wall of the church building were paid for by a separated campaign, Together Now.

We need annual pledges to plan our commitments to our staff and programs each year. Our staff salaries are paid entirely from pledges.

Making a pledge means committing to care for Emmanuel Church staff and programs for the next year. We are grateful for every pledge, large and small. Every pledge counts because together we are Emmanuel.

We invite you to join us in renewing and increasing our pledges for 2018. Our small staff needs to be paid justly; we need to keep pace with the salaries they ought to receive for their professional skills and commitments and for them and their families to keep up with the cost of living.

To request a pledge card please email or call Amanda March, our parish operations manager.
617-536-3355 x10

Thank you for being Emmanuel Church!