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Come experience an Episcopal service of Holy Eucharist at 10 a.m. in our Sanctuary, where traditions meet thoughtful contemporary perspectives. Please join us afterwards for refreshments and conversation in the Parish Hall.


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Boston Warm

It’s a weekday morning in the basement of Old South Church in Copley Square. About 50 people are sitting on couches and chairs, chatting and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. A 53-year-old man named John is reading a novel.

“I’ve been coming here for about 2 weeks, since it opened. It’s terrific. Because of the heat and the food and the cots.”
– Excerpt from Anne Mostue’s article about Boston Warm for WGBH.

Emmanuel Church is proud to be among other religious organizations who have stepped up to serve the homeless community after the closing of the Long Island homeless shelter in October of 2014.
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Finding Our Faith

“Book officiant.” That’s what all the bridal magazines told me to do at least nine months before the wedding.

To be honest, with a year to plan I’d been more preoccupied with short ribs or halibut, buttercream or fondant, than with deciding who would perform our ceremony. But somewhere between selecting mini crab flautas to be served during cocktail hour and corn bisque for a starter, I realized the menu shouldn’t be my top priority. For the first time, Eric and I would have to explicitly address our different religious backgrounds and decide how Judaism and Christianity would factor into our life together.
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Ihr Seid die Gesegneten des Herren

During a worship service a while back, the chorus of Emmanuel Music sang a motet Der Herr denket an uns, which is #9 in Johann Hermann Schein’s Israels Brünnlein collection. The text is from Psalm 115, verses 12–15. I sat there in my usual spot in the third row, soaking up the beauty in my usual way—not following along in the program but just watching the singers, players, and John Harbison’s conducting dance. And listening. Listening with a ferocious desire for bigger ears so I could take in this miracle of sound that we call music.
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Our Building

Our building is a home and resource for a dynamic group of programs and organizations who partner with us to preserve this historic structure and project our ideals of justice, spirituality, and art into the community of the Boston metropolitan area.
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